Darts 2.1

Pub sports on your iPhone!


  • Great 3D graphics
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Finger-flicking control mechanism


  • No multiplayer option
  • Only two game modes
  • Too easy


As a discipline where you can drink beer, smoke a cigarette and don't have to move very much, darts is ideal for the more 'relaxed' sportsman.

For the ultra-lazy who can't even bring themselves to walk to the pub, Darts for iPhone is perfect. The game allows you to take to the oche in one of two game modes - X01 or Cricket. In X01 you need to be the first to reach zero from 601, 501, 301, etc. Cricket mode charges you with the task of hitting the numbers 20-15 three times each, following up with three hits of the bullseye. Don't worry, because there's a practice mode where you can perfect your skills before you start playing properly.

You control the darts in a very original and natural-feeling way. You just drag the target guide to where you want to throw then flick your finger up the screen. Your dart will then whoosh towards the board in 3D, making a satisfying thudding sound when it strikes the board.

The major drawback of Darts is that it lacks a multiplayer option. The game can become a little repetitive just playing on your own and it's far too easy to beat the computer. The introduction of a two-player mode or even an online element where you post high scores would dramatically lengthen the lifespan of Darts.

There aren't many options to play around with in Darts, although a particularly useful one is to set the Throw Method to Original Flick, as this makes things much harder.

Although it doesn't have much longevity Darts is still a fun game for the armchair sports fan.

Fixed crash on app startup for users still running iPhone OS 2.2.1


  • Fixed crash on app startup for users still running iPhone OS 2.2.1

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