Take to the oche in this arrows game


  • Requires little system memory


  • Strange control system
  • You can't instantly see where your darts land
  • Lacks options or extra game modes

Not bad

Darts must be the only sport on the planet where you can be a chain-smoking, beer-swilling fatso and still make it to the top of the profession. This still gives me hope that I can one day become a sporting champion.

This version of the game for mobile devices helps you practice your aim on the bus or the train. The gameplay isn't based around the traditional '501' game mode, but rather a version that we used to call 'killer', whereby a number is chosen for you and you must hit it with one dart.

You get three throws and each throw you're given a different number to hit. If you land on it you score 20 points, while if you hit the area either side of it you get 10 points. The computer opponent does the same and the one with the most points after three darts is declared the winner.

The control system is a little cumbersome. An ugly blue square will move up and down the screen and you need to stop it using the select or '5' button. It will then move left and right, and again you need to stop it in the right place in the same way. It's not exactly a precise aiming method, and the square is so big that you can't really see the area you're aiming at underneath.

Another annoying thing about Darts is that you can't see where the darts have actually landed until the end of the game. It's all over incredibly quickly and there are no high scores, or different game modes to keep you coming back to it much.

Only hardcore arrows fans will really get anything from this game.

The object of Darts is to throw your dart in the specified area. You have three throws, each time a number is specified beside the word 'target'. The objective is to throw in that area with this dart.

On the next throw another number will appear beside the target prompt; and you should aim for this area. Hitting inside the numbered area gives you 20 points, hitting the area on either side gives you 10 points. Not hitting in the area or an area beside it gives you 0 points.

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